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“An illuminating and inspiring exploration of the relationship between valuing female sexual pleasure and putting an end to rape. This is a book that could change the world.”
– Jean Kilbourne, author of Can’t Buy My Love, So Sexy So Soon, and the creator of the film series Killing Us Softly

“Yes Means Yes is a welcome and much needed resource to help all of us both value and respect female sexuality while eradicating a rape culture.”
– Aishah Shahidah Simmons, producer/writer/director, NO! The Rape Documentary

“A fresh, vibrant collection that imagines a world without rape for ALL women—not just those who are white, middle-class, straight, thin, and able-bodied.”
– Carmen Van Kerckhove, founder and publisher of

“Yes Means Yes reminds me of why I came to call myself a feminist. It’s unapologetic, politically astute, and affirming of women and our sexualities. These gutsy writers analyze with passion their experiences of incest, racial stereotypes, and sex work, and they dare us to imagine a world where we’re safe and empowered.”

– Daisy Hernandez, coeditor Colonize This! Women of Color on Today’s Feminism

“Utopian novels have grappled with with the idea of a world without rape, but what would the path to that world look like? The controversial essays that make up Yes Means Yes light the way along this very rough road and, not surprisingly, offer no easy solutions. It speaks volumes that in the 21st century we still need this anthology to explain whose fault it is when a young woman who agrees to make-out with her boyfriend ends up raped.”

Ms. magazine

“By challenging blanket claims, like that all males are sexual aggressors,… Yes Means Yes says the conscious decisions we make about sex in its many forms are the best medicine for the illness that is rape culture.”
Bust magazine

“The strength of this book lies in the diversity of voices collected in its pages… They rant and cuss and quote vulgar song lyrics. And they contradict each other. But while it sometimes seems disjointed, the book’s many different and contradictory versions of the feminist experience ultimately make it more useful.”

Bitch Magazine

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  1. December 3, 2008 9:47 am

    Every college student (male and female) in the universe should hear Jaclyn and Jessica speak at orientation—not to mention high schoolers and all pre-teens! Girl Scout Troops! I’ve just never seen a book that talks about sexual assault and girls and feminism with so much candor and smarts and (fun!) and authentic feeling—it’s like the conversations my smartest best friends have had over dinner parties (except your version is less tipsy and *much* more streamlinedly smart and ON TOP OF IT!) Thank you for lighting this pro-sexy/anti-rape double-whammy fire under feminism!

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