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Going to Prison: Three Down, Three To Go.

December 22, 2011

When last I posted about the Bagley case, there were two cooperating witnesses, defendants who had entered guilty pleas and agreed to testify against Bagley.  Now, Bradley Cook has agreed to a plea deal that will send him to prison for twenty years.  He was charged originally with abusing the young woman, FV, and then later accused of trying to have a witness and the prosecutor killed from prison, he faced weapons charges, he had domestic violence issues.  All around, a real piece of work.  Apparently, he was cooperating with the prosecution already, and got in trouble when he lied and covered things up, and his deal is a lot worse than that of the two that already entered guilty pleas.  In fact, he is not even agreeing to cooperate.  I’m thinking that, with the attempts to kill the prosecutor and all, he’s so radioactive that the prosecutor didn’t want him making the other two cooperating witnesses look worse than they are!

This leaves three out there:  Ed Bagley, his wife Marilyn who was added long after the original indictment, and Michael Stokes.  Stokes is trying to suppress child porn found on his computer when he allowed federal agents to search for contact with Bagley, and if that comes in, his value as a witness is shot, he’s going down for a felony and he’s more likely to be convicted on every count he’s charged with, and just his association with the Bagleys will tend to make them look bad. 

The only thing that will keep Stokes from pleading is if there’s just no deal for him.  He’s in his 60s, he can’t do 20 and still be out in middle age like Cook.  If the child porn comes in, Stokes is going down on the possessory offense and looking at prison no matter what.  If he had an option other than try the case, he’d take it.

That leaves the Bagleys, and I’m sure there’s no deal for Ed Bagley.  The Goverment has lined up famed expert Park Deitz to testify that he’s a “sexual sadist.”  (I’m not a fan of Deitz, but at the art of being an expert witness, he’s really good.)  They’re just not going to offer him anything.  He can either plead to something that will keep him in jail probably until he’s dead or very elderly, or he can try the case and get sentenced to life.  His only alternative to a long prison sentence is an acquittal, and that just will not happen.

I talked about Marilyn Bagley in my last post; pictures of her being sexual with FV, which apparently there are, kind of sink her.  I would think she’d be a great “get” as a cooperating witness, because if even his wife turns on Bagley … But I don’t know if that will happen.

I’m sickened by the abuse, the coersion, and by the mistreatment, but not alone by the severity of the physical acts.  I can’t say that I’d expect the same from a jury.  If …if, and this isn’t the case … the feds were prosecuting a couple who did [TW for descriptions of painful activities] really heavy piercings and electrical shocks and other painful things with a consenting adult partner, and if that partner was testifying for the defense, and if the bottom seemed like a person who really liked those activities, then I’m still not sure a jury would acquit, though I hope in that circumstance they would.  But with two of Bagley’s buddies and the victim saying is was abuse and it was nonconsensual, he’s just toast.  No jury acquits here.

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