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Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict: Liveblogging the NWI Conference

May 22, 2011

I’m beyond honored to be attending the Nobel Women’s Initiative’s conference on Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict, at which over 100 women from around the world – activists, academics, security experts, corporate leaders, and Nobel Peace Laureates Jody Williams, Shirin Ebdai and Mairead Maguire – are coming together next week to forge a new security, and a future free of sexual violence in conflict. You can read a great (though definitely trigger-warning-worthy) overview of the issue and the conference’s approach to it here.

I’m also super excited that I’ve been given permission to liveblog and livetweet some of the proceedings, so that y’all can listen in and I can share some of your comments and questions with this incredible group. I’ll be doing the liveblogging right here [UPDATE: Evidently doesn’t support coveritlive, so you won’t see the liveblog here, but if you click the link at the apppointed times you can see it, or follow them here] as well as at Feministe], and I’ll be focusing on the three overview panels, which are:

Monday, May 23 @ 11:00AM Eastern
Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict: Prevention & Protection
Where are we now and what needs to be done? This panel will review what is being done and what needs to be done to prevent sexual violence in conflict. Reflecting on successes and obstacles, speakers will discuss initiatives/techniques at the international, national and local level to prevent atrocities and protect women.

Moderator: Joanna Kerr – Action Aid International, South Africa
Speakers (TBC):
Joanne Sandler – UN Women (including special message by Margot Wallstrom)
Charlotte Isaksson – Armed Forces, Sweden
Binalakshmi Nepram – Manipur Women Gun Survivor Network, India

Monday, June 23 @ 3:00PM Eastern
Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict: Justice and Accountability
This panel aims to give a round up of efforts to prosecute perpetrators at the international and local levels. From the International Criminal Court to grassroots mobile courts, women have spearheaded various alternative and innovative forms of justice. What is needed to strengthen these efforts to ensure greater accountability and prosecution?

Moderator: Susannah Sirkin – Physicians for Human Rights, US
Speakers (TBC):
Anuradha Bhagwati – Service Women’s Action Network, US
Naw K’nway Paw Nimrod – Women’s League of Burma, Thailand
Dr. Emily Adhiambo Rogena – University of Nairobi, Kenya
Andrea Medina Rosas – Red Mesa de Mujeres de Ciudad Juarez, Mexico

Wednesday, May 25, 10:00AM Eastern
Ending Sexual Violence in Conflict: Addressing Women’s Needs and Rights on the Frontlines
What does a survivor-centered strategy look like? How are women activists on the frontline defending and surviving violence and risk? This panel is meant to spark discussions around possibilities and approaches for a comprehensive response for women activists and survivors of sexual violence in conflict. By drawing the links between trauma, justice, health, livelihoods, security and reconciliation, participants reflect on what is needed to support women in finding their voice and reclaiming their lives to forge a new security.

Moderator: Lisa VeneKlasen – Just Associates, USA
Speakers (TBC):
Wangu Kanja – Wangu Kanja Foundation, Kenya
Shereen Essof – Just Associates Southern Africa, South Africa
Safaa Adam – Community Development Association, Sudan
Patricia Ardon – Sinergia N’oj, Guatemala

You can click on the links in the panel names to get a reminder for any of the liveblogs, or just tune back in here at the start of the liveblog. I’ll also be livetweeting as I can from the rest of the conference – you can follow me at @jaclynf.

All of this talk is going to conclude with Thursday’s Day of Action to End Sexual Violence in Conflict — details coming soon on how all of us can get involved. I really hope you’ll join me.

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