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Lara Logan Speaks Out

April 29, 2011

In today’s New York Times.  Among other things, she said:

When women are harassed and subjected to this in society, they’re denied an equal place in that society. Public spaces don’t belong to them. Men control it. It reaffirms the oppressive role of men in the society.

Logan refuses to remain silent, though so often women who are sexually assaulted in conflict zones are silent. Some are silent because they prefer it, and some because they are under pressure not to speak — each survivor should be able to make that choice without fear or pressure, but if none stand up, then the expectation of silence prevails. Logan faces a dilemma, though. When survivors do speak out, sensationalistic and lurid attention becomes a second nonconsensual sexualization. Logan’s decision is to tell her story once, on this Sunday’s episode of 60 Minutes, and then make no further comment on the assault. She said, “I don’t want this to define me.”

Because she doesn’t want it to define her, I’m not posting the details of the assault here. The important part is that she’s saying what she needs to say on her own terms, and then going back to being a reporter.

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