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Rape Apology: On Cue

February 16, 2011

First, a mod note:  my threads are my fiefdom, and mod policy is what I say it is, which is arbitrary and capricious.  The rules are what I decide they are, and I can and do delete comments for any reason or no reason.  This is not a public park and I’m not the government; the Constitution guarantees freedom from government censorship, not from blogger moderation.

Which is prefatory to this, as clear an example as one would ever have to see of the kind of victim blaming that washes over the transom.  Would that we were past the days of “did you see how she was dressed”!  We are not!  People (not just men) still say those things.  We are in the era where these kind of sentiments do not go unresponded to; there has already been one resignation from someone who said victim-blaming things about Lara Logan.  There should be more.  Since these things have a cost, the more bare-knuckled pro-rape hate rhetoric is the work of anonymous drive-by commenters.  Usually, I don’t let this shit pollute the comment threads, and I ban the assholes if they try again.  But if they can serve an educational purpose, perhaps sometimes it might do more good to front-page it.  This is the sentiment that “lonepanther” wanted to express: [Trigger warning for out-and-out rape apology]

This was a false flag attack. There was no rape and this is all designed to drive white males into a warmongering frenzy.

How is it blaming the victim when a busty, unveiled white woman goes right into a mob of a drunken mob?

She was warned innumerble times but her western arrogance placed her right into the center of attention where she got what she really most wanted.

You wanted to say it, lonepanther, well there you go, right out for the world to see. This is what you stand for: explicitly pro-rape.

Lonepanther won’t be around anymore. Nothing he has to say has value, except by negative example. But when people say that I’m over the top for referring to the pro-rape lobby, they are people who don’t moderate the comments on anti-rape blog posts. There’s a reason I call them what I do, and when they face no consequences for saying what they really think, this is what they say.

I’ll close with a mod note: if you think I won’t let your comment through, you’re probably right.

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  1. jennygadget permalink
    February 19, 2011 11:35 pm

    I love the busty part especially. Because, you know, that’s something that she chose, right? And it’s as easy to change/hide as hair color and general looks, yes?

  2. bookworm permalink
    March 5, 2011 9:38 pm

    Didn’t you learn anything from what happened to Jessica Valenti? Boobies are retractable and when you’re in in public you need to put the dang things away!

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