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A Game Preserve For Sexual Predators

October 28, 2010

It sounds like a squickporn fantasy on a pedophile blog. A whole country running a system by which teenagers are forcibly detained, largely at the whim of their captors. One in eight is sexually molested while in custody. The overwhelming majority of the assaults are by their keepers.

This does not represent a failure to care. A failure to care would be doing little or nothing to keep the inmates from abusing each other. That would be bad enough. But eighty percent of this is the staff molesting the underaged inmates. The Catholic Church lawsuits and scandals are decades long, have shaken nations, and the numbers are nowhere near that high. One in eight is the rate at which undergraduates are raped … imagine if eighty percent of that was by school employees!

(I’m not going to dignify the use of “consent” in this context. Inmates having survival sex with captors is inherently nonconsensual. Inherently and iredeemably. Any prison worker who has sexual contact with an inmate is fully and 100% responsible and the act sexual assault.)

The only way a nation can allow this system to go on, is to decide that the incarcerated are beneath basic human rights. It is entirely clear that we, the nation with the largest incarcerated population on earth, have made that determination about adult inmates. We pack prisons, warehouses of people, basically by social class because we’re made the definition of crimes and the justice system and so heavily skewed by race and class. Prison rape is treated in the media and by much of the population as either a joke or a part of the sentence or both, which is WRONG.

And that’s adults. These are kids. These are KIDS!

Every person who works in the juvenial detention system, if they are not actively working to make this better, is complicit. This is epidemic, this is a thoroughly integrated part of the system.

What we as a society have created is a captive pool of targets for adults who want to sexually abuse minors. We’ve selected a group of minors, most of whom have no resources and no support, and made them totally dependent and at the mercy of their jailers. And we’ve let predators fill the ranks of the jailers in what can only be massive numbers, and molest these kids at rates that mean that it can’t be a secret to anyone. We’ve created game preserves for child molesters, and we’ve paid salary and benefits to the molesters to run them.

In a culture that does that, we cannot possibly hope for a commitment to eradicate the institution of rape. If keeping someone from sexually molesting one’s body isn’t a basic human right that applies to everyone, then it’s a privilege, and we’ll never recognize it except for the privileged.

I’ve run out of words. I don’t know what else to say.

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  1. November 7, 2010 12:28 am

    The vast majority of the abuse is committed by female staff, which is a major factor in why nothing gets done. It is worth noting that the same results were found with sexual violence against adult inmates. Most of the staff abuse was committed by women against male inmates. Female abusers seem to have the biggest buffer zone, ranging from unbelievable access to potential victims to receiving significantly lesser punishments (if any) when caught.

    As for the idea that society has created game preserves for child molesters, the irony is that it is being taken advantage of by female abusers, the people feminists claim do not exist in any real numbers.

    The only reason this sort of thing goes on is because as a society we turn a blind eye to it. Prison is just about as out of sight out of mind as one can get, and our social antipathy towards inmates only fuels our indifference about prison violence. This kind of problem requires a two-pronged approach, but few people are willing to invest in that, and some of those who claim they want to play politics with the issue, such as deliberately not mentioning that the majority of the prison staff that rapes inmates are female.

  2. ginmar permalink
    November 8, 2010 1:37 am

    And here Toysoldier demonstrates perfectly that for woman-haters like him, pretending that he cares about anything but keeping score is just a pretense. So prison rape—in adult prisons—involves mostly female staffers? It is worth noting that the same results were found in adult prisons. Sure.

  3. ginmar permalink
    November 8, 2010 1:38 am

    I’d love to hear Toysoldier’s comments on the problem of rape in womens’ prison, but oh, wait, he’s not interested in that.

  4. November 8, 2010 11:00 am

    Just to reiterate, not being raped is a human right. I believe that applies to rape in prison and out of prison, when the victims are male, when the victims are female and when the victims are not binary-gendered, and whether the perpetrator is male, female or not binary gendered. My takeaway from this is that a lot of juveniles are being coerced into sexual activity, and that because rape in the wider world is so often a problem of male perpetrators, the system has ignored and tacitly permitted a different dynamic, which is not in any way more acceptable. I don’t think the takeaway should be some petty anti-feminist counterpoint like “look, in one small sliver of the population within a prison-industrial system, women rape too, and therefore all feminist antirape work that focuses on men who rape is unfair.” TS, I hope the latter what not the point you were trying to make.

    We can’t create a word free from rape when anybody is free-to-rape.

    • ginmar permalink
      November 9, 2010 7:25 pm

      TS is an MRA. Of course that’s what he’s going for—and has gone for, repeatedly, over the years. The idea that women lie about rape is gospel with these guys, as is the belief that women are secretly victimizing men far more often than they’re credited with. These tactics—maximize what the downtrodden do, and minimize what the powerful do them—-are part of a mindset called denialism. When you have one, you usually have the other. What’s notably missing, as TMM points out, is that all rape is bad, not just rape against men. MRAs have absolutely no interest in abolishing rape against women; in fact, they think it’s over-reported and according to MRA king Warren Farrell, ” A good time.” They want to redefine rape so that it’s impossible for women to bring charges, as a matter of fact.


  1. [link] A Game Preserve For Sexual Predators |

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