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Going To Prison: Bagley Case Update

September 28, 2010

Via NCSF Blog, about the case described here.

Codefendant Dennis Henry was in court. The issue of bail came up, but that’s not important for my purposes. For my purposes, two things were said that are extremely important.

(1) He didn’t really think this was consensual. According to the story:

But when asked whether the woman could refuse to participate in such encounters, Henry was not certain, Benson said.

“It was his opinion that she was afraid to say no,” Benson testified.

If she’s afraid to say no so something she doesn’t want to do, it isn’t consensual. It’s abuse. She was a kidnapping victim. This was not a relationship, it was a multi-year hostage situation.

(2) Henry is just the kind of misogynist that one would expect would sexually abuse a hostage:

In court filings, a prosecutor asked that Henry remain in jail because the victim and another woman feared for their safety. The second woman, a postal employee, told investigators that she had filed two complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, alleging that Henry had sexually harassed, threatened and stalked her.

Predator Theory tells us that the population includes a certain number of predators, who do it again and again. There are more victims.

[Just to avoid confusion, the first part of the title, “Going To Prison”, is my prediction and my hope. That’s not the outcome of this court appearance. People in custody awaiting trial are in jail, not prison. I am considering titling any future Bagley case news posts “Going To Prison: …”

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