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It’s All About Kyle Payne

April 6, 2009

The Henchwoman has a post up about Kyle Payne, the convicted sex offender who sexually assaulted a young woman under his care, is now out of prison, and continues to seek attention as a “feminist.”

I can’t add much to what others have said, except to say that Mr. Payne has nothing to offer to women or to the world until he accepts that he has nothing to offer. He needs to stop seeking attention, to realize that the only one who really benefits from him putting his voice out there is him, and that he owes is to his victim and to everyone to do whatever work he needs to do alone. Alone. Without communicating about it. Without seeking forgiveness, credit, or attention from anyone.

Until he can do that, he is making zero progress and remains a sexual assault waiting to happen. Because that’s how rape happens: privilege elevated to a level of solipsism by a man whose self-absorption is so great he can reduce a woman to a mere prop in his narrative. Since Payne is unable or unwilling to go quietly into exile, he clearly still thinks it’s all about him, and he has not and cannot make any progress.

h/t Lauren

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  1. Wendell permalink
    April 6, 2009 1:19 pm

    “Because that’s how rape happens: privilege elevated to a level of solipsism by a man whose self-absorption is so great he can reduce a woman to a mere prop in his narrative.”


    His ideology (*not* feminism, though we know this) is based on a paternalistic notion of women as perpetual victims. I’m glad Henchwoman, many of her commenters, and this post are all making it perfectly clear to anyone who is watching that his shit is un-feminist as hell.

    I had no idea about this skunk cabbage dirtbag (no offense to soil or greens)–I appreciate being educated. Also, thanks for the tip on “Renegade Evolution.” Another one for the RSS reader!

  2. Chai Latte permalink
    April 6, 2009 7:12 pm

    Skunk cabbage dirtbag? I like the sound of that! Can we throw rotten cabbages at him? Maybe then he’d get the hint.

    Kyle doesn’t give a fuck about women at all–if he did, he could never have used one for his amusement. No, this is strictly self-aggradizing behavior here, not to mention overblown priviledge: “Well, I ‘help’ all these women, so who cares if I fondle one? Doesn’t it even out?”

    No. No it doesn’t. I don’t give a shit how sorry he is now–just as I didn’t care when my ex-boyfriend did it to me. He was sorry, too–but not sorry enough to hold himself in check in the first place.

    Kyle? Die in a fire. KTHNXBAI.

    (Okay, not actually *die*. Maybe just some moderate charring.)

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